Monday, April 15, 2013

Cisco 2600 AP - Convert to Stand-Alone mode

Follow these simple steps:

1. Download the stand-alone image from (.tar)
2. Rename the file to ...tar.default
3. Make sure you have a console connection to the 2600 AP - this will you verify the name of the file the AP expects to boot from using TFTP.
4. Change your IP address to /8
5. Run a TFTP  server on your laptop or PC
6. Plug the AP and your PC into two ports a switch that are in the same VLAN (no layer3 SVI necessary, I recommend creating a temporary VLAN such as 99 for example)
7. Make sure that the AP is connected to a PoE port if you don't have a power brick, BUT before you do that, press the MODE button and hold it down as the AP boots!!
8. Watch the console messages for the correct filename - ...tar.default should match exactly.
9. AP's LED will go blue and then after 15 seconds will go RED - you can let go of the MODE button now!
10. AP LED will blink green and it will intialize in stand-alone mode, and obtain a DHCP address.
11. You can manage it using http://

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