Thursday, June 3, 2010

vPC configuration on Nexus 7000

vPC or Virtual Port Channels allow multiple links between particpating switches to partcipate in traffic forwarding but they are no longer confined to the same switch like in a traditional port channel.

Ensure you are in the correct VDC

Step 1.

feature vpc

Step 2.

vpc domain 1

Step 3.
Configure vPCpKL - peer keep-alive link.
Note: this is done while under "vpc domain "

peer-keepalive destination

Note that it highly recommended that the keep-alive link be configured using a separate VRF such as the mgmt 0 mechanism.

Step 4:
Create the vPCpL - peer-link
Note: this is done under the interfaces on each switch that are going to participate in the domain.

interface port-channel 20
vpc peer-link

Step 5:

Enable vPC on the unlink/downlink interfaces on particpating switches


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